Are You Superhuman ?

08.16.13 Are You Super Human ?
Please click on the link (above) to go to my blog talk radio show on this subject.

In this episode I want to discuss how we regain our infinite human potentiality.

I will be sharing with you a recent journal entitled Am I the daughter of Zeus ?

I ask this, not asking all of you to envision an old

man in a white beard throwing lightning bolts down

upon us for behaving badly as humans; but to ask you

to suspend any-knee jerk scientific rationale that says

you can only believe something if you put it in a lab,

or in a digital data base and measure – therein – that you can believe it is true.

Back in the day of another civilization’s enlightenment, they recognized

the power of human potential, and sought to render it intelligible to

the masses by speaking of it as gifts from the Gods; i.e., humanizing

these potentialities for humans to harness energies to influence and

recreate the world.

Civilizations rise and fall, and often great wisdom and invention go

with them when barbarians (or the hubris of the dynasty) overtakes

the ability of the innovators to save the world in that time.

But if you attend carefully to this journal, and the others I have posted,

you will find that if you can trust, you can see that human potential far exceeds

what the wealthy gamers want you to believe. Read on, if this is happening

to me (one person) it can happen to anyone…

08.24.13 *Update* After listening to my show. please review the article that appeared today, on the local section of the  Honolulu Star Advertiser: “Vandalism Dooms Mililani Tree…

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My Journey through the movie “After Earth”

My journey through the movie After Earth.

I recount here, the numerous threads of synchronicity. This will not be a film review, however I will say that Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith is an amazing actor. Prior to heading out, I was watching the trailers for the next edition of “Mermaid, The Body Found”, featuring many shots of a webbed hand pressing up against the glass of an aquarium in one case, and a submarine in the next. Stopping at a gas station on the was to the movie, I heard a baby crying in the car next to mine. Minutes later I was both talking to the baby with my hand pressed to the glass of the window he sat beside, and giving thoughts to the father about how his child might be autistic … which he accepted. He thanked me for my suggestions. I gave him some impressions related to my own experiences of being touched by this mental condition. As I did so, the baby’s older brother, also distraught from the crying, reached his hand towards mine, through the glass.

I had dressed in a tight fitting brown and black body suit and high black boots (not what one would usually wear in the summer in Hawaii), inadvertently matching the uniform of the boy “Kitai” in his adventure on an Earth abandoned by humanity and overtaken by predators. On their home world, the families home had repeating patterns of triangles and crosses in the architecture, that reminded me of the architectural patterns of a house that I am making a painting of.

Like the protagonists, I had inadvertently been forced back to my “home world” (Hawaii) were I have been beset by a coterie of predators trying to devour my life force. (Although in my case it is through the technology.)

The asteroid field that brought down the space ship looked uncannily like the suspended bits of seaweed I had been swimming though in the ocean that morning.

Recently, I set up a kickstarter project I entitled, “Help Me Prove We Are Not Alone In The Universe”. It’s focus is to create a documentary demonstrating how I have been receiving messaging from higher intelligence’s through my art. My password for the site was “23breath”. In this movie Kitai must run through a hundred kilometers of predator filled forest to retrieve a homing device from the damaged tail section. He must take with him compact oxygen devices that help him to breath in future Earth’s thin atmosphere. As he closes in on his destination he is out of oxygen and choking for air. He stumbles at last upon a piece of the tail section that will offer him more of the air breathing devices. This first piece he encounters has the number “23″ on it.

Earlier this week, I saw what looked like a Yeti flash before me briefly on a trail to a waterfall in the woods. On his way through the woods, Kitai encounters a number of Yeti-like primates who chase him. Eventually he comes upon a series of waterfalls.

There is a pod on board the spaceship, that reveals a mysterious ET that represents some sort of test of valor to humans.

Recently I have been placing large pieces of amethyst geodes near me as I sleep, and in my bath, making use of their healing and protective qualities. I had even placed them on my body. (It is amazing how they take away anxiety and body aches.) I also recently had a dream that I was entering a crystal cave. In the movie as the boy seeks to activate the homing device, he is pursued by the mysterious creature released from the oddly cratered pod from the spaceship (also reminiscent of the mythical ET creature I created who travels back to Earth in a pod). He finds refuge in a cave filled with crystals.

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Are there Mermaids ?
05.24.13 Last night, on the Buddha’s birthday, under a full moon, I descended beneath the gentle waves, along the North coast of Oahu. There in the moonlit sea, I had an epiphany. It was the “next wave” beyond something I already knew; i.e., that we -our species- are among the microorganisms of the body of the planet earth, and we need to understand our vital role as such. Last night, as my hands sifted through silken sand as I coasted along the shore beneath the water, I learned something else. Our ocean is an electromagnetic conduit for life. It doesn’t just sustain life biologically with nutrients and regulation of climate, it is actually the conduit for connective thinking. How could this not be a common understanding ? One of the best conduits for electricity is salt water. How could we imagine life without the ocean, balanced and clean and full of organisms ? I am making clear … now… this truth: we will loose our ability to be conscious if we abdicate our role as guardians of this balance in our ocean. And then we, and many other life forms, will die. It will take a long time to restore Eden, and our descendants will have no part in it.

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Notes on Philosophy and Religion

 I uploaded this image of the Buddha to my face book page yesterday. I was unaware of all the solar  activity until the next day:  
05.23.13 Solar Flares and Earthquakes

 Beautiful !

o5.23.12 Notes:

Belief should always be questioned; it should always be tested with one’s own experience of reality.

There is a difference between humility which centers the soul, and humiliation, which kills the soul.

One cannot be a truly detached philosopher while having affiliated one’s life with something greater. I was a philosopher once, now I am the latter. I hope there will always be philosophers – true philosophers-  I am unsure as to which is the more challenging calling.

One can understand and forgive the historical choices that took place in the major religious texts, endeavoring to face the socio-cultural challenges of those times. I am of the mind that if certain chapters of these texts resonates with dynamics of current times, then study them. However, some “teachings” within these texts are merely historical and need not be lessons for current social evolution . The ability to perceive religious texts with this sort of discernment is the difference between fanaticism and faith.

No religious texts can be interpreted accurately without the intention of the interpreter coming from a place of deep compassion, tolerance and well being for humanity as a whole.

God is a concept of perfection beyond which any human consciousness can truly perceive. Our task (as I see it) is to always attempt to align oneself with what one perceives as what is “higher” in ethics, in love and compassion. It is journeying beyond the lines of the map into the uncharted sea… and that journey is bliss.

(later testimonials that evening….)
I went outside in the Midst of Michelle Martin’s news spot, “Tell Me More” to go repark my car in a “no fine” spot for the night. In the middle of the walk way on my way to the car was this large toad. We sized each other up for a moment. “Hello, Sir Toad.” I said contemplatively. “If I go this way will you go that way ?” I asked. We executed our plan peacefully and uneventfully. As I walked back into the condo after parking my car, I overheard Michelle’s conversation with a popular Latino rap artist whose moniker is “Bufo”, they were analyzing why he chose the name of a toad … great discussion a d music, but it made me want to go out and find the wind up mechanism in the amphibian I encountered a few moments before. I can’t remember when I last saw a large toad, I might add. Including a picture from th movie Pan’s Labyrinth, a film I highly recommend (I might add).

Just returned from a run and swim on the beach under a full moon. For a brief point in time, I felt like what it would feel to be a god in paradise.

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How Mystics Can Shape the Earth’s Destiny

Tune in to my radio show
Channel Your Power,
we  discussed the topic,
“Are we alone in the Universe ?”

There will be further discussion on this topic next week,Monday
April 29th @ 3:00 pm Pacific Time, join in the conversation !


Please click the link (above) to view a video  that
I made some time ago. It was for a contest to
become a featured speaker and promoter. I did
not win, but I still believe it is a grand idea to
demonstrate how Mystics can chart an
influential course in  Planetary Evolution !


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Are We Alone in the Universe ?

* Interested in collaborating on this project ?
Email me 
 I’m getting signs from the universe… are you ? I am endeavoring to
find a way to open doors for these messengers from other realms;
from the signals I’m getting, it seems they want humans to
get their humanity back.
In service to this,
I am beginning a new project; it will be a multimedia effort culminating
in a documentary. For a while now I have been demonstrating
how higher intelligences are working through me via blogging and postings
about my dreams and waking experiences that sync up with news items in
various media.
However, I have never been able to find a mechanism that
proves it scientifically. Recently, I began a series of landscape
watercolors. Right away, I began to notice faces and figures in my
paintings that I had not consciously painted. The faces and figures
would synchronize with current events either in my vicinity or in
material I was reading, or in a current events. Below I will post a
few details and paintings s so you can get an idea of what I am
talking about. I am looking for a videographer to capture me
painting in real time, and witnessing that I am not consciously
painting these figures, and then see what shows up in alignment
in “real time”. If anyone knows of a videographer who would be
interested in working on this  documentary with me, please let
me know !
Here is a detail of the Koolau Mountain range I painted from He eia Park. As I began the water color, six fighter jets repeatedly flew low and directly at me. They did this several times. After the painting was completed, I notice one of the clouds I had painted was shaped like an air craft. Right after the painting was completed, I went to Haiku Gardens and began reading where I had left off in the book “The Sky People”. Quoting from P. 111 “Here is one of the most exciting flying saucer events ever recorded taken from the May/June 1958 issue of Flying Saucer Review: On the night of September 4th 1957 their took off from Ota Airbase, Portugal, a flight of four jet fighter bombers, F 84s of American design…” What follows is a detailed account logged by the team Captain describing a UFO that first looked like a star, but then glowed, pulsed with light and moved rapidly in different directions. A few pages later (p.118) there was even a description of a UFO sighting by a Pan-American Pilot bound for Honolulu.

I had not read these passages prior to creating the painting. Also, how could I know the jets would fly over me as they did at that secluded location in the park ?

See More

In the painting and detail (above) you will see a face
that I had not seen at the time I was painting this cliff
face out by Makapuu Light house. I noticed the face in
my water color hours after it was painted. Several days
later their appeared a news item about famed Chinese
artist Liu Yee painting the faces of emolliated Buddhist
Monks. You can see in this image that was featured a face
that looks almost identical the face that appeared in my


While  in the midst of transcribing the events around this particular painting at Starbucks (in an effort to raise funds on the fundraising site “  a venerable Hawaiian elder walked by in front of me and took a seat next to me. Again, I was in the presence of the face in the painting. I struck up a conversation with editor/writer/Hawaiian historian Eric Po’ohina .He told me he was a descendant of Kahunas (Hawaiian holy men), a Chief who ruled lands in Kailua and of Noah of Old Testament (!) fame. He told me I needed to begin studying Kumulipo (Hawaiian cosmology) and I would discover that the elite intellectual class in Hawaii were some of the most intellectually evolved of all human civilizations historically. He told me this is the case for most civilizations close to the equator because the kinder climates allowed more time for contemplation, and less need to struggle for survival. He told me that this elite Hawaiian “caste” as he described it, the “Kahuna class” were able to trace human evolution back to coral pollyps, and eventually to molecular material from commets which included organic material originally from the constellation Maka alii (The Pleidies). He gave me several assignments. One is to study this Kumulipo. Then, I am to paint a picture depicting the 2 female Mo’ o [*Legendary Hawaiian giant Lizards occupying the Kauai nui estuary, once a Hawaiian fishpond]…
I am placing a detail of the face in the painting next to Eric’s face so that
you can see the specificity of the match.

Here is an image of two trees painted by a pond in Hoomaluhea
park. It was only much later that I noted one tree trunk looked like a
rifle, and the other like a figure that had wounds in it; troubling
imagery given all the recent mass shootings in U.S.A.
Also, a week after this was painted it was announced that
women will now be eligible for combat in the US Military.
Here are more watercolors painted recently….
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Awoken …

Portland, Spring 2009… “Yesterday, as I entered the clearing, a gentle breeze blew and the air was filled with a blizzard of dandelions. So beautiful ! I put my hand up and two big ones immediately floated into it….”

After posting about the Avatar spider creatures a little while ago, and my experience today at Pele’s chair with the white ladybugs landing on me and my videographer, I am suddenly remembering an early chapter from my as-yet-to-be-released book, “Awoken”, (this chapter was written prior to the release of the movie Avatar, I might add)… full chapter (below)

From my book “Awoken”, Spring 2009…

This morning, I made the run/walk as I often do over a bridge and along a forested trail to a clearing where there is a waterfall that flows down a stone riverbed into a green and quiet pool. I have gotten into the habit of taking my shoes off so I can feel the earth beneath me as I meditate, and the quiet seclusion of the place and the sound of waterfall is very soothing.

Yesterday, as I entered the clearing, a gentle breeze blew and the air was filled with a blizzard of dandelions. So beautiful ! I put my hand up and two big ones immediately floated into it, which wasn’t so amazing because the air was so filled. I asked, “Is this a gift ?”. I sat where I often do at the head of the waterfall, and watched as the soft white parachutes dotted the pond’s surface. Very soon, the wind stilled, and the air became clear, and the extreme beauty of that moment brought tears to my eyes.

Before too long, I noticed a young family approach on the trail; a mother, father and young daughter, and they stopped just at the edge of the clearing. A new wind gently started up then and I noted several dandelions blowing towards the family. I wondered if they were just showing me respect, so I put on my shoes on and started back. As I walked by the little girl, she first proudly showed me a toy she had just received, perhaps in some game, and she then asked if I had won one too. I told her it was beautiful, and as I walked passed she called out to me, “Thank you for coming !”.

Thinking upon this experience yesterday, this gift, I think about how often the children of this generation are so effortlessly mirroring; how they are intuitive conduits for the universe. So many seem to have a natural, enlightened knowing that we, their elders, struggle to attain. I consider all the lives moving from this time and place to the next and how they are so like those dandelions full of light and energy no longer here, and yet as energy, are still here. How will we serve their memories ?See More

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Past Life

I plucked a shriveled black olive from a variety case in Safeway. “Biting into an olive is like taking a trip to Greece.” I was fond of saying this over the years, since that one trip to Greece that I took all those years ago.

… It was the last thing on my mind the next day as I lay on a coach in Nora Yolles-Young’s office in Kailua preparing to by hypnotized. I was sure I wouldn’t envision anything as she began counting me down into a deep relaxed state. I was glad she asked me to envision looking out the window in elementary school, and to consider the teachers voice in the background as her own (this was something I did often in school, and it made this experience feel more familiar).

The most uncomfortable aspect was the journey back through the womb. Soon though, I was in the blue/white place between lives just … drifting.

“I doubt I’ll see anything,” I thought to myself, “and I’ll be damned if I start making up some sort of imaginary romantic scenario.”

Nora guided me slowly and cautiously through each visualization, as if a dinner guest was asking you to politely pass the salt.

“I won’t see anything,” I thought. “I am hard to hypnotize.”

“What are you wearing on your feet?” Nora asked.

I looked down. Thinking: “I’m not going to see anything.”

Silence ensued….

“All right,” I said inwardly, surrendering, “I see sandals.”

“OK”, said Nora, “What are you wearing ?”

And so it went…

After a few more questions like that, the answers arose without thought, only from a place of emotion. I was 23 year old. I lived on a Greek Island in the Aegean sea. I tended to wear white linen gowns with gold bracelets on my arms and a gold circlet on my head (tre’ Hollywood!). It was a religious enclave. I belonged to an extended well-to-do family who were the guardians of the island.

I was an oracle, and my council was valued; it was considered a gift passed down through our family. (There had been numerous others in my family line before me.)
I spent much of my time in secluded areas along the coast meditating, receiving guidance for the Gods. I also spent time doing scholarly work, reading about world history, language, and religion. I would connect with the community for conversation or meals.

Occasionally, we made trips to mainland Greece where my family was respected for their opinions in matters of politics, commerce and war. My voice mattered there, behind the scenes.

I married a tall, lighter skinned, paler haired man with light green eyes. He would occasionally travel for long periods. Sometimes the wait was lonely and hard.

In time my father died; that was a blow to the community. This event decreased our political influence. Over time, we remained valued for our perceived spiritual value, but were less influential in greater political and social events.

I had 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. They seemed to have been raised by the community as much as myself. As I grew older, I spent more time by myself, communing with the Gods and nature.

I died in old age of a wasting respiratory illness that was congenital (other family members had succumbed to this in past generations).

I lived a happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life.

I came away from this experience with a deep understanding that in this life as a Greek oracle, my authority was unquestioned, and I had been very well respected all my life.See More

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December 25th, 2012.
The first thought as I surfaced into wakefulness this morning: “I want to see dolphins.” As it turned out, I received one of the best gifts I could wish for: to see whales off the coast of Oahu. I got a cup of peppermint mocha coffee from Starbucks and drove out to the cliffs of Portlock Point. I walked to where the waves washed in and exploded in a rocky culvert and gazed out to sea. As I turned to retrace my steps, I noticed all the trash and cigarette butts littering the cliff-side, and began collecting it. Two divers climbed out of the ocean.

One exclaimed, “Wow … completely out of the water !”

“It is like an upside down cathedral isn’t it ?” I said, not getting what he meant.

“Didn’t you see it ?” He asked, “Just right there where the green turns to blue.” His diving partner had not seen it either.

“You mean, a whale ?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “It leaped completely out of the water, right there,” Pointing to a spot not fifty yards away from the edge where we stood.”

“Darn, I was picking up trash and missed it.”

Pretty soon an attractive young couple approached, the girl dove in the water.

“Did you see the whale ?” I asked them.

“Yes,” the man said, “There are a bunch of them out there.”

“How could I have missed them !” I said feeling a bit frustrated now.

“We thought you evoked them,” the girl said, struggling to climb up the slippery cliff as the huge swells washed by. “The way you were gazing out to right where that one breached.”

“Maybe I was,” I said, “Or maybe you were !”

The girl stretched her arms towards the sea, “I call the whales ! The ocean, it feels so alive this morning… I feel so many living things in there.” She exclaimed.

A turtle surfaced, and we cheered.

I went back to where I had been sitting, and for the first time noticed the large mossy letters that had been gouged into the lava rock years ago, “C-H-R-I-S-T”. What is the meaning here ? I mused, other than a “kodak moment for the season. A wave coiled a clear liquid arm over the edge of the cliff and filled in the letters.

What if Christ were a whale ? I thought. And then I sat in wonderment of the nature of the great religions, how so many have been enslaved, tortured and murdered simply for believing that their prophet in a particular time -whether 2,000 years ago, or yet to appear in our time – was to be the keeper of all that is holy for all humanity and for all time. The notion that “when” a great teacher was to appear mattered so much to religious communities that they would wish to murder each other loomed so hugely ludicrous in that moment for me, as huge and beyond my gaze as the leviathan that had just breached upon my rocky doorstep moments ago.

Was it any less important that I had not seen him ? Did it not matter in significance just as much that it had occurred, whether in my awareness or no ? What if “a Christ” existed in the form of cetacean right now, and humankind was not entitled to ever gaze upon him ? Would that make his existence any less significant or profound ?

What if (as I know in the bones of my soul) “the Christ” is an energetic presence that surrounds each and everyone of us for all time and space whether we wish to acknowledge it and access it, or not ? It is what Jehovah, Allah, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Yahweh, the Great Spirit, the Universe in all it’s knowing; it is the gift they all have given to us FOR US to contain freely. It is not a thing to kill for, it is a force to live for in peace with each other.

This thought passed through me like a brisk ocean breeze. The I saw the spout. “There they are !” I called to the young couple.

The girl threw out her arms and called out to them, “We are your allies !”

Yes we are. I thought. “Namaste !” I called, too.

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We Are Allies…

I’m starting a new fad: Every time I great someone, instead of saying a non-committal, “Hello.”, I am going to say, “We are allies.” And, if I think I don’t like the person, to give myself and honesty check, I will then say silently to myself “bitter”. Reference my earlier blog post for the full description of “Bitter Allies”, here’s a quote: The truth of the matter is: like it or not, we have reached a point where we are all forced to be allies in an effort to save our world.
Who wants to try this with me ?


My first day practising my greeting to everyone, “We are allies.”

I decided to try my greeting while hiking the Kui ou ou trail in Hawaii Kai. Meetings were infrequent, which enabled me to ease into it. At first I only had the courage to whisper it as I passed by the hikers, but right away I noticed it made me feel better about the person I passed by, I felt less judgemental about them. As I passed more people I started to say it to their faces, with the qualifier, “This is my project, I am saying this to everyone.” I was always met with a smile, and sometimes even a fist pump. I passed a woman with three little girls, and I took the time to explain a little more, “It’s like… you know… we’re all allies now in trying to save the planet. You should try it.” “We are foes !!” Called one of the little girls as we walked on. I called back, “Bitter Allies… try it !” There was laughter, and then a sharp cry as one of the girls tripped on the path. Then more laughter.

I am liking this experiment very much. It makes me feel good to say “We are allies” to a stranger, whether I say it to their face, or offer it as a whispered blessing in passage. Whenever I said it to their face, it seemed like we both realized how stale the standard, “Hi.” greeting had become. There seemed to be a flash of authentic connection, almost as if – by taking them by surprise with an unexpected salutation – I brought the stranger’s guard down.

I think there was also a sense of comradery forged in that brief moment
[definition: chumminess, the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability.]; created in a flash as if two secret agents had encountered each other in a foreign land, and with an utterance of a recognizable password, suddenly make a connection to a greater unified field of shared beliefs and solidarity.

There was much more to this exercise than I had contemplated. I hope you will try it.


earlier blog post for the full description of “Bitter Allies”

I coined a phrase last night (or rather was given it on loan) and I want to expand upon it. The phrase I’m speaking of is: “Bitter allies”.

To my mind it is a pivot point that we either all must accept or continue down the road to ruin. The contemplation of it’s meaning is the antidote for so much misunderstanding, complexity and wounding taking place among “us humans” currently. It is time for all of us to accept that the word “enemies” must be laid to rest as an active term describing current and future relationships on the planet.

The truth of the matter is: like it or not, we have reached a point where we are all forced to be allies in an effort to save our world. Any one who tries to cheat, game, or exploit the system of planetary rescue will ultimately only be cheating themselves, and their children’s futures. This term has the power to unwind the knots of emotional discord from world leaders who find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict, to individuals who steal from their societies, to family members who abuse their own or another’s… and ultimately the attitude of giving false witness and manipulating and abusing “frenemies” which has become epidemic among the healing communities.

I hold the healing communities to the highest standard because we are supposed to be leaders in conflict resolution. The trouble is that too often we are coached to give positive statements or “feel good” platitudes that we don’t really feel. We are spying on each other (I am not personally, but I assume the responsibility to the extent that the crime of another resides in my own psyche, otherwise it wouldn’t exist), emotionally manipulating each other, while secretly undermining the other’s endeavours to shine, and providing a false “nice guy/nice gal” face to the world.

This must end. Some may continue in a place of denial as to the harm they are causing with this form of emotional dishonesty, but I know as well that once my piece here has been read, it will sit in the subconscious of all and eventually surface into the collective awareness of all. Be honest ! We sometimes don’t like each other. We think our own values and what we think matters is more important than what another values no matter how enlightened we are. To accept the bitterness of this truth is to take a step towards untangling the energy and healing the connection with the other whom we think we are in conflict with.

Indeed we must, for to continue wearing these false faces and attitudes will act as an acid corroding and corrupting the vital energy needed to take wing and evolve in these turbulent times.

Go ahead, feel the bitterness, taste it on your tongue, then remember… we are allies.

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